Typojanchi 2021: A Turtle and A Crane



“Revelation and Imagination” presents works of various media and genres that look at media symbols and futuristic imaginations under the theme of condensation and resourcefulness. “Garden of Memes” deals with a variety of works based on new inspiration and imagination given to us in the post-Internet era. In “Land of Symbols,” craftspeople symbolically express the records and clues of life while maintaining their unique craft techniques. A total of 14 teams of creators are participating in this part.

1. Garden of Memes

“Garden of Memes” introduces contemporary artists who embody their own world of work using the methodology of imitation and cloning under the theme of “memes,” the digital generation’s visual characters. A meme is easy to make, easy to share, and intuitive for anyone to recognize, but they are somewhat meaningless. It has become a symbol of the changing world in the digital image communication era and a type of everyday conceptualism. This attitude to overthrow realistic norms and to break down the cultural and artistic classes, in fact, resembles the legacy of Dadaism and pop art in contemporary art. “Garden of Memes” focuses on the way contemporary artists repossess images through revelation and imagination in an era with platforms where anyone can easily create images and communicate with each other. This attempt will be an opportunity to look at how the artistic language of those who freely cross the boundaries of everyday life without being bound by art forms or aesthetic rhetoric gains uniqueness in the post-Internet era, while also looking at the impact of meme politics on contemporary visual culture.

Eunjin Regina Shin (seenzau)

2. Land of Symbols

The record of life is inscribed and passed on to the next generation in various forms. The posterity imagines the past by analyzing evidence found in records collate with the standards of their time and adds new life to the record. The act of recording may be the inherited nature of human beings which rises from the obligation and desire for continuous life. “Land of Symbols” presents hieroglyphs on life made by five artists in crafts. The letters resemble the parts of a plant while embracing the meanings of life; “Circulation and Connection,” “Foundation and Support,” “Balance and Mediation,” “Solidarity and Blooming,” and “Connotation and Fruition.” The repetitive movements of artist hands reveal unique characteristics of materials (soil, metal, glass, fiber, paper) in the letters. As viewers decode the five hieroglyphs, the letters will obtain the new life and deliver the message of the present.

Green Kim, Jeongwook Cha

Stand Design
Seungyeon Shim

Graphic Design
Yu Na Kim

With a turtle
With a crane
Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane