Typojanchi 2021: A Turtle and A Crane

Studio Bergini

Studio Bergini is the London-based graphic design practice of Francesco Corsini (IT) and Kristian Hjorth Berge (NO). Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2015 they have worked with artists, businesses, and cultural and educational institutions to produce identities, publications, exhibitions, websites, typefaces, wayfinding, packaging, and more. Their work takes a conceptual, informed, content-oriented approach to design, giving each project a uniquely appropriate form based on contextual research and often rooted in typography.


Tiramisu is a Bujeok for Studio Bergini, representing a series of separate but connected meanings and events which connect their personality, history, experience, and aesthetic as a studio with tiramisu. We encourage viewers to perform this sound poem in the exhibition space, to channel the spiritual benefits of tiramisu.

  1. Tiramisu is a famous coffee-flavoured, boozy, layered Italian dessert. It is said that it used to be served in brothels in northern Italy as an aphrodisiac.
  2. When Francesco visited Seoul in 2018, he spotted a tiramisu shop with a big sign reading “망원동 티라미수”(Mangwondong Tiramisu). As an Italian, he found it amusing and photographed it for future reference.
  3. In London, the best supermarket tiramisu is from Sainsbury’s, and the worst is from Co-Op (own review, 2021).
  4. In 2021, Studio Bergini is celebrating its 5th anniversary as a limited company. To celebrate on the day in March, we had home-made tiramisu with our friends.
  • Pigment print
  • 2200 × 1200 mm
  • 2021
  • Tiramisu
    Studio Bergini, Tiramisu
  • Tiramisu
    Studio Bergini, Tiramisu

1. A Sacred Tree

Humans have long visualized abstract concepts such as religion and law using writing systems. We make amulets for the purpose of praying for the happiness of individuals and groups, or fortunetelling, and sometimes record human wishes with text, including the interpretation of the operation of the universe. Such a behavior has been handed down from ancient times to the present in similar patterns. It is a fundamental human desire to avoid fear about invisible beings and phenomena as well as ill luck and to pray for blessings. “A Sacred Tree” deals with the wishes and beliefs of artists who have shown unique visual expressions. This part highlights the balance of life and an attitude to wish for it (Dohee Kwon), the wisdom from tradition and experience (Zhao Liu), the symbol of good luck based on personal experience (Studio Bergini), our destiny that embraces both joy and sadness (Anthony Lam), the return to the most basic attitude (Atelier Tout va Bien), words to bear in mind (Mano An), the balance between destiny and desire (O.OO), a mind that calmly contemplates life while observing the world (Hwayoung Lee), amulets for confirming one’s beliefs (Ikki Kobayashi), and criticism of culture (Tnop Wangsillapakun). These artists’ thoughts and emotions are installed like traditional five-colored ribbons hanging from a sacred tree just as in Korean villages for centuries. We hope viewers will find their wishes captured in the works and enjoy them together.

1. A Sacred Tree
With a turtle
With a crane
Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane