Typojanchi 2021: A Turtle and A Crane



Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


Korea Craft & Design Foundation / International Typography Biennale Organizing Committee

Cooperation Institution

National Hangeul Museum / Korean Society of Typography



Organizing Committee

Jeongmi Yu / Jeongeun Lee / Taehoon Kim / Dongseop Shim / Kyungsun Kymn / Byunghak Ahn / Dallae Jin & Woohyuk Park

Operating Committee

Jaemin Lee / Sangho Kim / Seungbae Kim / Inah Shin / Minkyung Yoo / Minhyung Lee / Myunghwan Choi / Sulki Choi

Administration Office

Seungbae Kim / Jiwon Kim / Sujin Lee


NAVER / NAVER Cultural Foundation / Doosung Paper / Baedal Minjok / Ahn Graphics / TWL – Shop & Studio / motemote / The Japan Foundation, Seoul


AG Typography Institute / CongKong / LeoDot / CAVA Life / Print Fidelity

Media sponsors

Monthly Design / Design Press / IDEA Magazine / Design360° Magazine


Chief Curators

  • Eerang Park / Hyojoon Jo


  • Eunjin Regina Shin (seenzau) / Green Kim / Jaeyoung Lee / Jangsub Lee / Jeongwook Cha

Project Manager

  • Hyejin Jin


  • Yelin Yi

Exhibition Identity

Typojanchi 2021 Team / Miki Kim


Marcsosa (Byungguk Kim, Kyungmoon Min, Eunkyoung Park)

Exhibition Operation


Catalog Editing & Design

Workroom (Hyungjin Kim, Guhong Min, Hwalsung Park, Hyunsun You)

Website Producing, Editing & Design

Workroom (Hyungjin Kim, Guhong Min, Hyunsun You)

Technical Support for Website

Min Guhong Manufacturing


Hyunkyung Kim

Filming & Post-production

Peace Piece (Director Jaeyoung Park, DP Taebeom Lee, AC Seunghwan Jang)


Sooin Jang


Eunyoung Park


Jaemin Lee

Graphic designer. Jaemin Lee graduated from Seoul National University and founded his design studio fnt in 2006. As an art director, he plays a key role in managing the visual aspects of many projects. Various cultural events and concerts worked with him, including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, and National Theater of Korea, and the Seoul Record Fair Organizing Committee. He served as the chief curator of Typojanchi 2015: International Typography Biennale — C( )T( ) (Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, 2015) and took part in several exhibitions such as Korea: Design + Poster (Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, 2017), Korea Now! Craft, Design, Fashion and Graphic Design in Korea (Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 2015). His work has been selected in the Graphic Design Biennale of Chaumont: International Posters Competition and the Graphic Design Festival Scotland: International Poster Competition, etc. He is an AGI(Alliance Graphique Internationale) member since 2016 and a full-time dad of two beautiful cats.


Green Kim

Curator. Background in architecture and urban design, her interest lies in the relationship of objects, people, and events initiated by spatial context. She communicates the topic of interest through various media such as exhibition, performance, video, publishing, public art, and space planning.

Eerang Park
Art director and graphic designer. After studying graphic design in Seoul, she plans and designs brand strategies, cam paigns, identities, and visuals. She is interested in various fields such as crafts, design, planning, lectures, and writing.

Eunjin Regina Shin (seenzau)

Eunjin Regina Shin studied Media Communications and art history in London and completed her doctoral course in Cultural Studies at Yonsei Univ. She has been organizing numerous exhibitions focusing on gender, media culture, and urban research since 2003. From 2012 to 2018 she served as a curator at the Seoul Museum of Art, and has since founded SEENZAU PRODUCTION expanding her scope to an artistic director and a producer with interest in pursuing artistic experiments by varying curatorial practice. She writes articles and gives regular lectures at various academic curatorial programs.

Jangsub Lee

Graphic designer. Jangsub Lee majored in visual design in Seoul and public design in Barcelona. After graduation, he participated in projects and exhibitions in various countries as a designer and artist. In 2010, he founded Action Seoul, a branding agency, to discover excellent local content. Since 2018, he has been working as a professor at Seoul National University, planning and running a participatory social design project to enable the practical education in this process.

Jaeyoung Lee (6699press)

Graphic designer. 6699press is a graphic design studio and a publisher house run by Jaeyoung Lee. The studio publishes books on minority, life, and design. Recent work New Normal selected as The Most Beautiful Book in Korea. He edited and published Parks in Seoul, Behind You, Korea, Women, Graphic Designer 11, etc. From 2015 to 2018, he has organized, edited, and designed LetterSeed issued by the Korea Society of Typography. He teaches Typography, Editorial design and Publication design at University.

Hyojoon Jo

Graphic designer and co-founder of a Seoul based office for graphic design, Corners Studio. Hyojoon focuses primarily on creative direction and visual communication strategies through typography, conceptual and content-related approaches. He has a particular interest in how ideas turn into physical objects. Alongside the graphic design practice Hyojoon co-run a risograph printing workshop, Corners Printing, for self-learning and self-experiment, and also for collaborating with friends and other people.

Jeongwook Cha

Project planner and coordinator in the field of craft and design. His interest lies in organizing platforms that support the circulation of the industry by connecting creators and fabricators. The current projects encompass artworks to products and curating to project managing.

With a turtle
With a crane
Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane